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Mystical Christianity, Union with God, Theosis, Deification

In the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition, there has always been an emphasis throughout history on an inner longing of the Soul to return home into the experience of Union with God. In various Christian traditions of antiquity, this longing, and a number of methodologies to enter into Union, has produced a variety of Saints, Mystics, Hermits, Monks, and Desert Fathers in whom Union with God has manifested. Brother Dominick has extracted a number of these methodologies and consolidated them into a simplified path that has produced Union in a number of individuals with whom he has worked with via in person one on one meetings, email correspondences, skype sessions, and at retreats. The doorway into an intimate Oneness and Union with God is already there within, and it merely needs a specific set of contemplative, disidentified, and surrendered ways of Being, for this Union to manifest itself, and these teachings are presented in the Book, The Master Keys To Union.

Water splash in form of heart


Brother Dominick uses a meditation called, The Atmosphere of No Self, in tandem with two modified versions of the Meditation which are also done first thing in the morning, entitled the A.M. Mystical Meditation, and another one to be done just prior to falling asleep, entitled the P.M. Mystical Meditation. To really get to know these meditations from the inside out requires in depth studying of the Blueprints To Union Book, as it helps one to start to become aware of the false self ego construct, and to start a disidentification process from this false self using a variety of tools as outlined in the book. When done so in a specific way, grace eventually opens the door so that there is a vertical falling into the Union experience. It’s as if you as a drop of water, surrender and fall into the Source, God as the Ocean of Omnipresence, the portal, or doorway, which exists in the Spiritual Heart.

While for most, this initially manifests as a momentary glimpse of Union, it is then a matter of continuing to cultivate this Atmosphere of No Self so there can be a deeper and lengthier experience of Union which is then spent integrating and stabilizing into all the other aspects of daily life.

This is not a path of seeking, looking for, attaining, or setting about some future goal. It is a path of unraveling, undoing, letting go of the seeking, no longer looking for anything as we rest in Being, the surrender of any attainments, and dropping of all goals. What is left over is a nakedness of Being, a Cloud of unknowing, a resting within the Unknown which will eventually upon its ripening give birth through Grace to the Union with God experience.

For the readers who are looking for how these teachings are backed by Denominational, Scriptural, and Theological backing, you can view the video below and find a bevy of links and further content to investigate and read about that will guide you through everything you need to put you at ease.

Along with Blueprints to Union, the Newest Book “Master Keys to Union” by Brother Dominick give a in depth systematic breakdown on what we are doing and what is supposed to happen as you realize and come to experience your Soul in Union with God.