For Retreat Deposit Payment. Please Click Buy Now for the Fall 2017 St. Columba’s Retreat. Deposit Amount is $120


Thank you to the attendees of the 2017 retreat at St. Columba’s Retreat House Inverness, California 94937

Brother Dominick holds retreats in the midwest states in the U.S. usually in Spring and Fall on varying dates but is currently on hiatus due to wrapping up a new book and creating supportive videos/Meditations that go along with the Master Keys to Union content.

Starting in Summer of 2019, Brother Dom will be working with small groups locally in NW Illinois in order to sharpen the delivery and understanding of all the content in the Newest Book, and will then do some traveling and self retreats as well before announcing another retreat. Currently there may be a Fall 2019 retreat which will happen either on the West Coast or NW Illinois depending on a number of factors.

The length of retreats also vary and are usually held in tandem of a weekend that has a holiday before or after so as to maximize vacation days from work.

The retreat format and schedule is designed to deeply established the Atmosphere of No Self, active one on one meetings in order to deconstruct any illusory views, walking meditations, and are held in a vow of silence during specific times of the day.

The retreats organized and shared with Brother Dominick are a sacred time to spend in devotion to the Soul’s opening into Union by practicing the teachings in a conductive atmosphere as taught in the book, Blueprint’s to Union. The retreat is held in a vow of silence of both speech and mind among practitioners. The daily schedule includes several hours of silent fellowship in guided & silent meditations, talks, and one-on-one guidance. The practitioners who travel to these retreats arrive with an attitude of uttermost love, dedication, and genuine sincerity.

What is Retreat and why should I go?

The aim of Retreat is a complete disconnection from the usual status quo bias bubble life we have accustomed ourselves with, and a connection into the Unknown Wilderness we are called to, as Christ did, to face the false that is within us, as we open up and invite an awakening of the real, the true, the Omnipresent reality. It is a total dedication of intense inner work in way in which our entire being is focused on the task of unraveling into Union. Presence at retreat facilitates an experiential transmission to get in touch with what St. Francis referred to as, ‘What you are looking for, is what is looking,’ the sentience, presence, awareness that is always inherently available but often overlooked. Developing a period of getting in touch with this is like preparing the drop of water of true identity for its submergence into the vast ocean that is underlying all appearances, and learning to be present to this Omnipresent original Home.

The true retreat is the retreat to realize the unreality of the illusory mind and to rest nakedly in and as the sentience that remains, creating a purity of surrender that facilitates the entrance into the Soul’s Union with God. We leave behind that baggage of the personal self so that the Grace of God’s omnipresence pulls us into the centerless portal of the Soul.

Structure of the Retreat

Retreats are held in a vow of verbal silence and, to the best of one’s ability, a silence of the mind as well. Retreat structure includes around 4-5 hours of sitting meditation per day and 2 walking meditations done in fellowship and depending on the use of the grounds of the facility. Additional support consists of Q&A sessions for clarification on the practice and one-on-one meetings.

For dietary restriction, please e-mail using the submission form. St. Columba’s Retreat House offers an open kitchen if practitioners prefer to bring and cook their own meals, however there will be a fellow practitioner at the retreat preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner on site.

A $120 Deposit to reserve your place is required, the full sum due by registration on Thursday, November 30th. Retreat commences Thursday evening November 30th, and concludes Monday morning December 4th. Total cost $480 includes Dinner Thursday Night, three square meals Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and Nightly accommodations: Bed,(sheets, pillowcases, & towels) for individual/group retreats. Breakfast on Monday the 4th also also included before our final Meditation of the retreat. Some guests bring a sleeping bag and their own pillow, plus a flashlight. Retreatants are expected to place used linens in the hall next to the washing machines. We have only twin beds each with a blanket, comforter, and pillow.