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Before E-mailing/Contacting Brother Dom, please read some of these typical Q&A’s before proceeding.

I highly suggest people read the following background the gain an understanding on the Union experience, called ‘Theosis’ within Eastern Orthodox Christianity prior to contact and prior to reading Blueprints to Union and Starting the Meditations

Q: What Exactly Are you teaching?

A: I am teaching a methodology, understanding, realization, meditation, and transmissions of Awareness that are designed for you to realize the Union with God experience. These teachings have been practiced by Christian Mystics of antiquity since the times of Jesus and is supposed to lead you into a life of self discipline, self realization, self surrender, and then living a Union experience, Since starting over a decade ago, a number of people have either had the first preliminary glimpse of Union, or are now living permanently stabilized in the Union experience.


Q: Is this even Biblical? What Denomination are you anyway?

A: Yes all of this is Biblical and everything I am teaching you is from a Post Holy Spirit indwelling understanding. All I did was read scripture, pray, and deeply fall in Love with God for 14 months, which lead to an ego death and Holy Spirit indwelling (slain by the Spirit) experience followed by being flooded by the Light (Tabor Light Illumination) and being called by the Holy Spirit to sit, be still, meditate and realize Union. I am not any denomination because my Love of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit is a direct experience and does not belong to one denomination or another. I have a deep and profound Love for Eastern Orthodoxy, sometimes visit and meditate in Union in beautiful Catholic churches, and other times visit Evangelical, Baptist, and Pentacostal Churches which have sharp/witty Pastors or alive with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Also I don’t debate theologically with others. Basically, I experience Union which was taught to me in a certain way as presented in “Master Keys to Union,” and all I am doing is letting people know this is available to you as well, check and see for yourself if it is so. For scriptural backing, please click on “The Teaching” page which has a number of links and a video describing everything.


Q: So How Do I start this process exactly?

A: You have to read both books, start with Master Keys and then read Blueprints to Union, contemplate what is being read, practice what you are reading, and follow the numerous Meditations on the YouTube channel. Between the books and the videos meditations, these are all that is necessary for you to have a deep contextual understanding of how we are meditating, and what we are doing. If you have developed the proper understanding of this content, then there should be devoted meditative/contemplative time which builds up steam over time cumulatively in order to lead to a variety of realizations (or sign posts) along the way to the Union experience. If there are questions, do no hesitate to e-mail and start a correspondence but only after having some understanding of the books and meditations. A correspondence for some is of the utmost importance in order to clarify hang ups and helps to lead one into the Union experience. My body has limited time here in this physical experience, so if you are devoted to God, Christ, Union, and have questions then honor time and realize its limits. Don’t hesitate to ask.


Q: Ego death sounds scary. Are you sure about this?

A: When you get indwelled by the Holy Spirit which is one of the pinnacles of the Christians path to God, the indwelling will give you Ego Death by Grace and you will have to go through anyway. It is a beautiful experience that leaves the body in tact and you as Awareness still present, but that jumble of thoughts (constructs, ideas, imaginations, hang ups, self hatred, self beliefs, limiting delusions, and so on) all falls away and you are left like a pure Newborn Baby. This is what Christian’s mean by “Born Again Christian.” While the terms itself has taken on a sort of cheap facade of what it really means, people these days toss it around to state that they are now Christians as opposed to not being one. It’s real meaning is going through Ego Death from the Holy Spirit indwelling and being egolessly crystal Clear like a newborn Baby, having to relearn how to live and function in a new Mystical state of existence. In Master Keys to Union, I am teaching you to become Aware of your Ego so you can see how it functions, what it’s made of, the content it produces, and to deconstruct it so that you can go through an Ego Death by wisdom. This will also help prepare you for an eventual Holy Spirit Indwelling in the future, or if you have already gone through one, then it will help with the Union experience.


Q: I started reading Blueprints to Union and watching some of the videos and it seems that a lot of the meditations are based on letting go of who we are and just sitting there. Where is Christ, fellowship, and scripture in all of this?

A: Blueprints to Union and Master Keys to Union are teachings and meditations which were originally written for the Post Holy Spirit Indwelled Christian who has a deep longing in their heart (birthed there by the Holy Spirit) to know God experientially. This means that you have already gone through the preliminary stages of prayer, scripture, fellowship and a relationship with Christ which has culminated in an Indwelling of the Holy Spirit grace based ego death. For many at this cross roads, they end up longing for Union or can be in the Dark Night of the Soul and the content herein helps to navigate one the rest of the way. 

What ended up happening however, is that once this content came out, people started to find me and these vids/books who had not yet gone through the preliminary stages of (scripture, prayer, love, fellowship, and Holy Spirit Indwelling). However, people began to experience glimpses of Union with God even without going through the prelims. For those people, I still tell them to read scripture, have some time in fellowship, prayer, and to be deeply in Love with God so as to also get the Holy Spirit indwelling experience as well.

So what we have is 2 roads to take:

In the first road, you stick to the standard ways of typical Christian beginner: scripture, fellowship, prayer, sermons/Bible study, and falling in Love with God. Done correctly, this leads to the Holy Spirit Indwelling and afterwards you use the content found here to guide you into Union.

In the second road, you use the content here to experience Union, but along the way you learn to deeply Love God, experience, Awareness, meditation, and the Journey into Union. Through these eyes of awakened Awareness and Union, you read the teachings of Jesus and as you do, you have gifts from Union that let you deeply and profoundly connect to the energetic quality of scripture, of Christ’s nature, and we invite Jesus into our Awareness, Heart, Union so that not only are we in Union with God, but in this Union we can also experience the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as well. This is all really technical and difficult to understand at first, but will make sense gradually as your own Soul matures into what is being taught here.


Q: I am not a Christian but I am really fascinated with what you are teaching. Is this ok?

A: Yes of course. If you are drawn to this content then there is already a connection to it on the level of Soul. I have people from all over the world who are of different backgrounds, different denominations, different religions, and those who are still unsure about their beliefs and positions on God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Everyone is welcome to read and to realize their own Sentience, Love, Union because when that happens, then Jesus, and connecting to Jesus in the form of Love and prayer makes complete sense and when we do so with devotion over time, we will find that Jesus will reciprocate out Love by sending upon us God’s Grace and Holy Spirit.


Q: I read that you are a Christian Mystic but I am unsure of this word “Mystic” and I have never had a Mystical experience. I have a lot of doubt about these things but I still read about them. Can you explain what “Mystic” means?

A: Friend, listen! All I did was read the Bible, go to church, and deeply fell in Love with God for 14 months. That’s it! Very simple! Well guess what? After that 14 month period, my Bible study teacher recommended I get re-baptized as an adult so I did, and then 3 weeks after re-baptism, the Holy Spirit came upon me and indwelled me through the top of the head and from then on out, all of life, all of experience, everything is Mystical, magical, alive with God’s presence. This is available to you to, pray for it and become a fanatic of Love so that the Spirit may come upon you as well. If you are more inclined to go about via the teachings in these books, realize that experience itself is already Mystical. Get in touch with that alive quality of your direct experience of being Sentiently Wakeful, see that your Sentient experience is Mystical. Fall in Love with God and see that the experience of Love is Mystical! The mystical realities are the true Divine realities. The non-Mystical is all just smoke and mirrors!


Q: I see you have 2 year break between putting out any content or having any retreats. Will there be anymore in the future?

A: Yes. Please remember that I have a human expression which mean bills and work just like everyone else. For a number of family reasons, I was not able to go be a Monk in a Monastery full time, so because of that a lot of time goes to life necessities. The 2 year breaks was mostly self retreats and writing the Master Keys to Union book which is now available. Also I am currently in the process of saving up for a rural property in order to build a small hermitage. When I do have retreats, it’s usually only a small number of people who come, those who are completely devoted on the Soul level to realizing Union and they already have a rich contemplative practice at Home. When the hermitage is up and running, it will allow people to come and stay for longer periods of time in order to deeply establish the necessary deconstructions and realizations for Union to occur. In the mean time, please establish a deep and devoted meditative practice and e-mail any questions.


Q: Do you give any transmissions or healings to people? If I come to a retreat, can you make Union happen?

A: No. This is a massive mistake to believe above. Before I understood any of this content, my own ego used to fantasize about my South African Hermit teacher being able to rain down grace and shoot light out of his finger tips. I thought if I can just go visit him, that I will instantly be in Union, but all of that was egoic delusions. If I had gone to see the Hermit, he would have pointed at my own experience of Being Sentient and told me to stay with my Sentience while deconstructing everything else.

Once I finally listened to him and started having Halo like experiences and my first glimpses of Union, I realized the folly in the stories and delusions my ego had wrongly imagined about him. In real life, he was just a person who lived a simple retired Hermit life, took in stray dogs, and would teach and help the locals at whatever level they were at. In a deeper view however, he was blessed by God to live in Union with him and I am ever grateful for his loving reminders on how to go about all of this. That same Union is within me and is also waiting to be realized within you as well. You can make yourself available to it now and in your own practice. Retreats are only designed for you to get away for a bit in order to be around others who are also establishing themselves in Union. For some, their first glimpse has happened at retreat, but for others it has happened without any retreat or afterwards at another point in time.

In my own life I live a very simple, frugal, quiet, private life that consists on maximizing moments of solitude. There are no more desires or care for my own self, other than Love for all things, people, and for God. Simple things like walks, fresh air, a glass of water, some simple foods, feeding birds and so forth are all amazing experiences which are all happening in Union. What more can you ask for?


Q: Do you preach anywhere?

A: No not as of now. There are already an abundance of Preachers, Pastors, Priests, and so forth. If you are starting out with scripture, Jesus, fellowship, prayer, and so on, find yourself a Church, Bible Study, or Fellowship that sits right with your intuition and conscience. Pray about it and ask for God to lead you to a good place, give it a go, and see if it is home for now. Also with technology, YouTube, Apps, and so forth, there are what seems like infinitesimal sermons you can saturate yourself with. When you get to the point where the Holy Spirit indwells you, then you can return back here and the content will make more sense. I am just a simple man who is in Love with God and God’s Union and share about ways to experience this Union for those who are ready for it.


Q: Do I have to experience Union? Can I just go about my life as I have been so far?

A: Yes of course, feel free to. But you are here reading this because something bigger than you, greater than your status quo life, is drawing you to unravel a beautiful mystery. God’s Union is like a puzzle, when you complete the pieces in a certain way, then he becomes evident in his Union. Knowing that you are invited to such a journey, to experience God directly, you would rather just stay put?


Q: I e-mailed you like a month/year/several years ago. Did you get my e-mail?

A: Yes I read them all, but it takes time to get back to all of them. Sometimes I go weeks or months without checking but get back to them eventually as long as this body is still here and capable of doing so. If you have e-mails like “When is the next retreat?” or a question which is already answered here, usually I will skip over or send this page back. At the end of the day, there are maybe a handful of people each year who are really serious and devoted to unraveling into Union and keeping a correspondence going. 

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