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Coming soon will be a collection of articles that focus on the importance of Union, The Soul, Cultivation, Love, Healing from Past Traumas, Archetypes that manifest as psychological constructs, Acceptance, Christhood, Detailed Meditation Instructions and more.

  1. What is Christhood? (Coming Soon)

    The short answer is that it is a real transformation that happens in you, an awakening, ego death, love/bliss, and forever being changed

  2. Psychological Constructs and the proper methods for Deconstruction (Coming Soon)

    The father/mother, the child, the sibling, the lover, the warrior, the seeker, the transcender, and many more of these Archetypes play out in our lives and they are fine for the most part, until there is a clinging or identifying with any of them, which then creates problems in an imbalanced life.

  3. Written Instructions on the Atmosphere of No Self, A.M., & P.M. Mystical Meditations (Coming Soon)

    Coming soon transcriptions of the Meditations, credit given to Marty P. for his selfless service in transcribing.

  4. How to Heal Traumas using the No Self Atmosphere Meditation (Coming Soon)

    For most people, past traumas are avoided, ran from, justified, or replaced by other things as a justification to avoid dealing and going directly into that which causes us lifelong trouble psychologically, spiritually, and many times even physically. But to enter into, face, Love, heal, and deconstruct these traumas in a certain way will allow a fullness of healing to place and many times, help to open up the manifestation of Union.

  5. The Christian Ego (Coming Soon)

    A sample chapter from Blueprints to Union Part 2 (Currently in the Works). To enter into Christ’s teachings means to be transformed into something that goes beyond religion, denominations, labels, constructs, judgment, and the image of self. And yet, as it was in my own experience, in some ways I had become worse than what I was prior to entering into the Christian teachings. The teachings on Sin and my lack of control over sin, created a Self Hatred of myself as the archetype of ‘terrible Sinner’ and lead me down a spiral of self justifications for my sin under the guise of repentance and Jesus’ crucifixion. Eventually the heart intuited that it is in Union that freedom is found, and the old Religious Constructs would all go tumbling away as imagined illusions in the form of habitual tendencies. 

  6. Bernadette Roberts as a Blueprint To Union (Coming Soon)

    Among us is a woman who traversed the path to Union with God and beyond. We will reexamine her teachings and discuss how sometimes when Union manifests, it can happen so fast the intelligence isn’t able to catch up with the nuances of how it all works.

  7. Meister Eckhart as a Blueprint To Union (Coming Soon)

    The 13th Century century Christian Mystic who spoke of Union was so far ahead of his time, that the words he spoke led to the Church leaders accusing him of heresy. We will examine the apparent duality between the Exoteric outer Church which holds much power, but lacks the experiential truth. While the Christian Mystic in Union becomes as Christ was, someone who transcends the worldly structures in place, and is misunderstood and many times hated for his access to God.

  8. Christ as the Ultimate Blueprint to Union and how this Manifests within you (Coming Soon)

    It’s a fine balance as you begin to know Christ, and there are various levels to traverse, however eventually a Living awakening and transformation occurs in you. We will discuss the intricacies and stages.

  9. Did Jesus Teach Spiritual Enlightenment and what exactly is this (Coming Soon)

    (Coming Soon)

  10. The Stages of The Atmosphere of No Self and the intricacies of the Tools used within It (Future Book Coming Soon)

    (Coming Soon)